Monday, June 21, 2010

Momma's Got a Brand New Bag

I finally decided to buy a new diaper bag.  I originally had a navy blue Eddie Bauer diaper bag that I bought while pregnant with Aaron.  After having Aaron I quickly realized that the Eddie Bauer bag was not functional.  It had a lot of pockets but they were long and narrow.  I spent way too much time searching for things.  I found a Skip Hop Dash messenger-style diaper bag on clearance at Babies R Us.  It's a nice bag if you're carrying things for one child.  I had no problem fitting Aaron's diapers, wipes, bibs and bottles along with my wallet, keys and cell phone.  Then along came Ethan!
I tried to work with the Eddie Bauer bag because it is big.  However, I spent way too much time looking for stuff.  It was hard to keep my stuff organized along with carrying diapers, wipes, bibs, etc for two kids.  I tried to make the Skip Hop Dash work but everything wouldn't fit.  The bag had many pockets but they weren't roomy enough and if you put something into the front pocket,  it would bulge into the bag and take up space from other pockets.

So I found the Skip Hop Studio Tote.  So far, I am loving this bag!  I chose the pewter dot print,  but the bag can also be purchased in black, chocolate, champagne, and slate.  It looks like a purse but is much bigger (without being cumbersome) in person.  The Skip Hop Studio Tote also has adjustable stroller straps so it can be attached to the stroller. Currently I am carrying:
5 diapers for Ethan
2 diapers for Aaron
1-2 bottles for Ethan
1 sippy cup for Aaron
bib and burp cloth
wipes container
pacifier with clip
hand sanitizer
cell phone
2 pens and paper
BRU sales flyer
coupon organizer
And it's not full!


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