Thursday, July 1, 2010


We decided to start Ethan on infant cereal.  I wanted to wait until he was five months old like I did with Aaron but his digestive system had other plans.  When he was about 4.5 months old he had diarrhea (cha cha cha) and the pediatrician suggested that I give him some rice cereal to slow him down.  I didn't like the idea but hey he needed something.  He didn't really take to it at all.  The poopy problem cleared up and I put the rice cereal away.

After he turned five months, I brought out the oatmeal cereal.  I mixed it with some formula and more of it ended up on his bib that in his stomach.  That's to be expected though.  Each day I give him a few spoonfuls.  It's very runny and he seems to be getting some of it in his little body.  He spends most of the time laughing and sucking his fingers. He's adorable!  I plan to wait 'til he's six months old to introduce sweet potatoes.  Can't wait to see how that goes!

One things for sure, I'm not nearly as stressed out about starting solids with Ethan as I was with Aaron.  I studied books, magazines and websites about introducing solids to infants.  I wanted to make sure I did it exactly right.  I didn't want to make any mistakes.  After I started Aaron on solids I worried about whether or not he was eating too much or too little.  Should he be eating one meal or two?  In hindsight it was ridiculous!

There's a big bone of contention amongst moms these days when it comes to solid foods.  There's the camp that thinks giving your baby any type of solids before six months is a kin to child abuse and then there's us normal folk, LOL.  I'm only slightly kidding.  I remember some heated exchanges on The Bump between moms that started solids at four months and those that wait 'til six months.  It's amazing what women can use to club each other over the heads with.


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