Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dear Radiography Program Applicant:

I regret to inform you that you were not selected for the 2010 ABC State College at XYZ campus Radiography Program.  The large number of qualified applicants for the program made the selection process extremely competitive....blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

This is part of the rejection letter that I received from the Radiography program that I applied to.  There are four programs offered in Jacksonville.  I missed the deadline for two of them because of Ethan's birth, the recovery from a c-section and having a 19.5 month old toddler to chase after.  I didn't apply to a third because I didn't meet all of the qualifications.  The fourth sent me a rejection letter.  Needless to say I was disappointed.

All four of the programs are limited access and only accept a few (10-20) students each year.  It's competitive to say the least.  I meet all of the prerequisites for two of the programs.  I took, and did very well, in Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Medical Terminology and the other general education requirements.  Two of the programs require an essay.  I've written the essay but I need to do some editing.  I also have to submit three reference letters.  The crazy thing is that my old job went out of business so getting references from those supervisors/managers may be an issue.

I'm going to spend the next several months doing what I can to increase my chances.  Hopefully, I'll get 4 acceptance letters!  Wouldn't that be something!  I registered for a Chemistry class.  I hate math and I am average when it comes to science.  I've been told that the campus has very good tutors.  I certainly hope so 'cause I'm definitely going to need it!

Since I'm not going to school full-time this year I won't need daycare for the fellas.  I'm not going to look at my trips to the daycare centers as a waste of time.  I'll need full-time care eventually so it was good practice.  I am in the process of finding a babysitter to watch the boys for the couple hours that I'm at school.  I'll also need someone to watch them when I have to study or meet with a tutor.  Interviewing an individual babysitter is a whole new adventure.


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