Monday, July 12, 2010

Grrrrrr! Two year olds!!!

I'm going to lose it!  I think (and sometimes say) this every day!  Aaron is wearing me out!  He's so contrary all the time.  I guess this is the terrible twos.  I thought I'd get lucky and the phase would skip over us.  Nope!

I make waffles, he wants toast. I put his sandals on him; he wants to wear sneakers. I put him in the stroller; he wants to walk. I let him walk; he wants back in the stroller...uuuugggghhhhh!  He used to love taking a bath but the past few nights he's began and ended the bath in tears. When you try to take him out of the bath he whines, "Still washing".  But he's not washing anything.  During meals he says he's finished and then gets mad when you move his chair back so he can get down.  He'll whine, "Still eating".  But he's not eating anything.

I think maybe he's getting his second set of molars and that might be the cause of some of the crankiness.  I haven't checked yet, 'cause that will probably cause another meltdown.  I have to take Ethan to the pediatrician when he turns six months.  I'll ask the pediatrician about Aaron during that appointment.  She'll probably tell me what I already know but, it can't hurt.

I have a parenting book that I'm reading called Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood by Jim Fay and Charles Fay.  I'll review it when I'm finished.


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