Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm tired!  It's been a long day!  I mean long!

My day started at 1:30am.  Thanks to Aaron!  He woke up crying.  I went in to his room and adjusted his pillows, put his blanket back on the bed.  I sat on the edge of his bed and patted his back.  By the time I got back in my bed it was 2am.

At 3:15am  Ethan was up and ready to eat.  I changed and fed him thinking he'd go back to sleep.  Nope!  He thought it was playtime.  For the next 45 minutes Ethan gurgled, cooed, kicked and wiggled. 

At 4:00am, Aaron was up again crying and carrying on.  So I put Ethan in the bassinet and went to Aaron's room.  I readjusted his pillow and blankets.  I turned the fan on.  I told him, "It's nite-nite.  Go to sleep".  He rustled about for a little while as I laid on the floor next to his bed. 

4:30am,  in my room Ethan is still fidgeting around.  I picked him up and laid him on the bed next to me.  He drifted off to sleep cradled in my arm.  I placed him back in his bassinet so I could try to sleep.  I fell into a deep sleep and didn't hear my husband come home. 

I was awakened at 7:30am by Ethan.  I once again fed and changed him.  I was hoping that Aaron would sleep in since he was awake last night.  Nope!  Aaron was awake, whining and grumpy at 7:50am.  I gave him as sippy cup of milk and sat him at the table.  He whined and cried, "Eat, eat.  Breakfast." while I cooked his food.  I gave him waffles and sausage.  He ate one bite!!!

As usual I had to chase Aaron around to get his diaper changed and put clothes on him.  He calmed down some and played with his ball popper.  He began asking for bear cookies (aka Teddy Grahams).  Well, no you can't have a snack if you haven't eaten breakfast.  So a crying fit ensued.  He got over it and watched some TV.  He wanted to watch something that wasn't on and became grumpy about it.

We had to leave for my doctor appointment.  I put his sandals on him.  He started taking them off and wanted to put his sneakers on.  Oh, good grief.  Fine!  Fortunately, I was able to get him in the car with little problem.  It was a rough morning and the day wasn't even half over.  I'll spare you the details of all of the other fits and meltdowns that we had the rest of the day.


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