Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daycare Search - Babysitter

Since I didn't get accepted into the Radiography program, I don't need full-time childcare.  I will need someone to watch both little fellas at my house.  This scares me!
1.  I don't want to hire some psycho who's going to abuse my kids.
2.  I don't want someone, in my father-in-laws words, "Casing the joint".  LOL!

I hate the idea of having to interview someone.  People are always on their best behavior during an interview.  No one's going to beat or neglect your kids right in front of you.  Most aren't going to whip out the booze or crack pipe along with their list of references.

I joined after hearing about it from some other moms.  I have numerous possibilities, over 50 to be exact.  The service just to view the prospects is free but to contact them you have to pay up.  I was lucky enough to find a coupon code for 25% off!  Thanks !

I have a list of questions prepared.  My plan is to email each person to clarify what I need and to make sure that it matches what they're looking for.  I need someone who can commit to August through December; the fall college semester.  The person needs to be mature, patient, outgoing and know CPR/basic first aid.  I don't know about the pay rate.  What I do know is that we aren't made out of money.  There was one applicant that wanted $35.00 per hour!  Ummm......not going to happen watching my kids!


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