Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Well, you've got your hands full"

Yep! I sure do. Everyday I hit the ground running. I set my alarm for 7:30am but I have yet to need it. Aaron and Ethan are my alarm clocks!

Why did we have our kids so close together? Because we're not getting any younger! I'm thirty-four and Hubby is thirty-nine years old. Both pregnancies were considered high risk. I'd also rather not add the additional risk factors associated with advanced maternal age into the mix.

When we got married we agreed on two children. Actually, I said two or three. In my mind I pictured two girls and a boy, but I digress. With plans for education/career, we knew it would be best to space them about two years apart. Initially, Hubby wanted to start trying when Aaron turned one. I wanted to try for a second child when Aaron turned eighteen months. Instead, we conceived when Aaron was just a little over 10 months old.


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