Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Care Search - Visit #2

Daycare #2 is a little further of a drive from our home but it received a recommendation from a co-worker and is gold-star accredited.  The price is comparable to Daycare#1.  Many of the policies regarding drop-off/pick-up, illness, and supplies are similar.

The differences between the two were notable.  First the woman giving me the information and tour was friendly, professional and very thorough.  While she did give me a packet of papers, she explained and reviewed them with me.  As we toured the facility, she introduced me to the staff members.  She showed me the toddlers artwork, schedules and menu.  I was able to see eating and sleeping areas, where clothes, diapers and bottles were kept and the playground.

One thing that stood out was how bright and cheerful it was.  The toddler room had adorable bright color chairs and toys.  There were letter and number posters on the wall.  The infant room had toys, swings and rockers readily available.  The are to store extra diapers and clothes was neatly arranged.  In both rooms schedules and activities were clearly visible. 

Daycare#2 left me with a much better impression of what a daycare should be.  If I had to choose today, I would pick daycare#2.

Tomorrow I plan to visit Daycare#3.


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