Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday 13 - Time Waste

I'm really, really, really good at wasting time.  I wonder how much free time I'd have if I didn't do the following.

1.    Looking for my keys
2.    Searching for Sippy cups
3.    Looking for Aaron's shoes
4.   Reading/posting messages on the Nest/Bump
5.    Facebook - but that's almost a necessity
6.    Blogs (LOL)
7.    Watching TV - gotta love the DVR
8.    Text messaging
9.    Daydreaming
10.  Picking up the same toys over & over & over
11.  Worrying about everything
12.  Trying to get in touch with my mother - her phone is always off or she can't find it
13.  Getting rid of junk mail - both snail mail and email


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