Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Big Boy Room

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are planning to create The Big Boy Room. I'm still not finished clearing all of the junk out of the room but it's sooo hard to get anything done with two little ones around.

My sister agreed to let us store at her house the furniture that was mine during my single days. I really like the furniture and don't want to just drop it off at goodwill. Since she has extra space she can either store it for us or use in one of her spare rooms. It's a full size bed with a mattress that's practically brand new, a six-drawer dresser, two night stands, two lamps and two framed pictures. I wish we had another bedroom:(

I'm pretty sure we decided on paint. I couldn't figure out how to upload the paint swatches so you'll have to wait to see the finished product. The walls are going to be a Sterling Silver by Olympic Paints. It's a medium shade of grey-blue. I'd love to add a stripe 3/4 of the way up the wall. I hope that's not a lot of work for us (I mean Mark). The stripe will be a dark blue called Dragonfly also by Olympic Paints. I'd also like to add a grey stripe called Vintage Gray by Valspar. We of course aren't going to start painting until the furniture is moved.

I want the room to be well decorated but still childish and able to withstand two boys. There's a website http://babyroombio.weebly.com/boy-toddler.html that has help inspire my creativity. I'm not going to copy any of the rooms but it's nice to see what other people have done with children's rooms.

After debating between dinosaurs, airplanes and sports, we decided the theme will be sports. I found sports print sheets at Target for a nice price. I also found wall hooks and artwork at Target. I practically live at Target. I love that place! This is what one of the pictures that's going to be on the wall looks like.

The crib that Aaron is sleeping in is a convertible crib. I have spent a lot, probably too much time trying to decide whether on not to leave Aaron in his crib and buy a new one for Ethan. I surveyed moms on facebook, Thebump and at our playgroup. I was hoping to get some insight on when/how/why moms moved their kids to a bed. The responses were as varied as the moms and children themselves. Some kept kids in cribs until a certain age. Some parents moved a child when he/she started trying to climb out of the crib. Others moved the older child when a younger sibling came along. Basically, talking to other parents didn't help much.

We had a few scenarios to contemplate:
1.  Leave Aaron in his crib and buy Ethan a crib.
2.  Buy a toddler bed for Aaron and give the crib to Ethan
3.  Buy twin bunk beds.  Set up one twin bed or Aaron and store the other one for use in the future. Ethan would be in the crib.  When Ethan is ready to give up the crib he will get the other twin bed.  When both boys are old enough for bunk beds then we would stack the beds.

We chose option number 3.  I hope and pray that Aaron makes the transition smoothly.  I really don't want to mess up a good thing.  The "good thing" being Aaron's ability to sleep through the night.

As I write this I am having second thoughts.  Maybe I should buy a second crib?

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  1. I really like the idea! Let me know when you need help painting :D