Thursday, May 6, 2010

I speak two languages (Thursday 13)

All mothers long to hear their child's first word. I'm pretty sure most moms want that first word to be 'mama'. Aaron spoke his first word at nine months and it wasn't 'mama'. It was 'dada'!!

From then on I would say 'mama' over and over and over in an attempt to get him to repeat it. He didn't say much more than 'dada' and other baby babbling sounds. I was told by pediatricians, magazines and books not to worry. All babies develop differently. I was told not to compare my baby to others. It's hard not to when going to play groups, church and library story time and listening to other mothers talk.

At Aaron's 1 year pediatrician appointment I asked the pediatrician again about Aaron's language skills. Half of me just new the doctor would say he needed to see a speech therapist. Instead I was told to read to him and talk to him. Well, I knew that! I was already doing that!

Around 15 or 16 months old Aaron had a word explosion. Initially, I kept a list of the words and I would add a word to the list each time he learned a new one. Now he speaks too many to count. He of course also speaks in short phrases. Here's a brief guide to my second language. I'll call it Aaronese.

1. Yilk - milk
2. bubbage - garbage
3. cuck - stuck
4. yo'hit - yogurt
5. nore - snore
6. fy warm - fire alarm
7. mumools - muscles
8. mammich - sandwich
9. go'bish - gold fish, as in the gold fish crackers
10. wamools - waffles
11. bink - pink
12. noonools - noodles
13. Eeesin - Ethan, his brother

Oh, and by the way, I had to wait until Aaron was about 22 months old for him to say 'Mummy'. I love it!


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