Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In my quest not to be on the show Hoarders, I've started throwing out some of my most prized possessions. Actually, it's just junk. I tend to be rather sentimental which leads me to keep movie ticket stubs, wedding favors, playbills, newspapers, magazines, gift bags, gift boxes, office supplies, out of date clothes/shoes, buttons, empty beer cans, bandaids from pediatrician appointments...

I'm also the type of person who always thinks, "I might need this someday". That day usually never comes because I forget I even have "this" still around.

My motivation for cleaning out closets is the need to work on The Big Boy Room. Currently, Aaron is in his room in a crib and Ethan is in the bassinet in our room. Well Ethan is rapidly approaching the weight limit for the bassinett.

Until both boys are sleeping through the night, I want them in separate rooms. I do NOT need both boys up at night! Well, we can't change the guest room into the big boy room until I remove a lot of stuff and clear out the furniture.

So far I have taken a car full of stuff to the goodwil, accumulated a pile of personal papers to be shredded and filled a recycling bin full of papers and magazines. I'm still not finished. After taking some more blankets, sheets, toys and decorations to the Goodwill, I should be done with the clutter...for now.

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  1. That's so funny! Make sure you keep your baby books and magazines; I'll come up and get them :D

    I think we should turn Mom and Aunt Sandy into Hoarders/Tacky House! Ha ha ha ha! But don't tell the I said that!