Friday, May 14, 2010

Day Care Search - Visit #1

I've started researching childcare options.  I've been a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) since Aaron was born.  I applied to a radiography program and if I'm accepted I will need childcare for the boys.

I started by looking in my yellow pages and writing down the names/numbers of those centers on streets that I was familiar with.  Then I searched the state website by county and zip code.  From those two methods I came up with a list of six daycare centers.  Since I've never used a daycare center I asked other moms what I should look for.  I also found a great checklist on line at

I went to DayCare1 website and filled out the info request form.  About 29 seconds after hitting send my phone rang!  I spoke briefly with the representative and scheduled an appointment for 4:30pm.  When I arrived the receptionist (I guess that's who she was) and the director were in the entrance.  I immediately noticed an odd smell.  The receptionist was disheveled and frazzled looking.  She appeared as though she had been changing tires along the freeway or something.  The director was pleasant in demeanor and profession in appearance.

It was clear that they had no idea that I had an appointment.  The representative made it sound like I'd be welcomed in for a discussion and given a tour.  I was handed a piece of paper with rates and told, "The 2 year old room is over there."  Okay...thank you?

I explained that I needed information on everything as finding daycare is new territory for me.  The director pulled out a packed with a parent handbook and enrollment pamphlets.  As Aaron was crying and squirming, I was trying to remember questions.  I quickly gave that up as my thoughts were drowned out by Aaron's wailing.

During the "tour" (I use that therm loosely), I walked through an area that looked like storage for furniture.  We arrived at the infant room.  It was bland and boring.  Several cribs were lined along the walls. There were some bouncy chairs and toys around.  I did manage to ask a couple questions about bottles, formula, etc  Aaron continued to cry and drip snot.  We then turned around and walked through the furniture warehouse area to the front of the building.  The two year old room was just as bland and boring as the infant room.

I have no idea what is normal or standard but I wasn't exactly impressed.  The director didn't seem to really want to take the time with me even after I explained that I was new to daycare searching.  The facility just seemed cold and dreary.  As an environment for children, I expected it to be bright and cheerful.

This is the first place I visited so once I see a few more maybe I'll return with a better understanding of what we want and need in a daycare center.

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  1. If it doesn't feel right, don't send them there. That's really crazy!