Friday, May 28, 2010

Daycare Search - Visit #3

Good grief!  I'm starting to get a little dismayed at daycare centers.  I know there are benefits to daycare and it will be a necessity in the future.  All three of the centers have been in the same price range so it's no that my favorite is exorbitantly priced.

Anyway Daycare3 was a big fat fail from entrance to exit.  I'm going to make this brief and list the things I didn't like about it.

*There isn't a sign explaining how to get into the place.  I'm glad the door is locked to keep creeps from waltzing in but what about prospective parents and children?  Where's the buzzer or call box?

*I didn't get a full understanding of how security works.  I know that parents must sign the children in and out but who checks to make sure the person is who they say they are?

*When I managed to get inside there was no one around to help me.  The office to my right was empty and the room to my left was an infant room.  There was one employee visible and she was surrounded by 3 babies.

*The woman surrounded by the babies didn't look happy to be there.  Now I'm sure there are days when I don't look happy to be surrounded by two babies but we're not talking about me.  One baby was being fed, the second was toddling around and the third was in a swing.  The worker was rocking the hell out of the swing with her foot.  I know the feeling of exasperation but where were the other employees?

*The Assistant Director had no idea that I had an appointment.  I called and scheduled the appointment the day before.

*The price quoted over the phone was different from the price that was given to me in person.

*The place seem cluttered. 

*It was ridiculously noisy.  I know first-hand that babies/toddlers can be noisy but in addition to the children there were 2 or 3 radios playing.

This place is a definite "NO".  I have three more on my list to visit.  Hopefully, they are an improvement.


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